Technology and Helpful Links

Below we have listed links to some websites that could be helpful to you.

EyeCanLearn is a site that has eye exercises to improve learning and visual skills.

Visual Motor Skills has ideas about these skills and how to build them.

Preschool Fine Motor  has answers to questions many parents have about helping their preschoolers with their fine motor skills.

S PD  is a great resource for information about Sensor Processing Disorder.

Kidzone  has great advice on pre-printing practice.

LeftHanders  has anything left handed children might need, including great writing practice.

Learning Activities  offers fun activities that you can do with your kids.

We would like to recommend the following applications (apps) for Ipads that address many skills worked on in occupational therapy:

Paint Sparkles
Glow Draw
Move it!
Toddler Puzzle Shapes
Labyrinth LE
Hoops Free
Crazy Find
Crazy Copy

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