Occupational Therapy

Occupational Therapists are trained to assist people of all ages to perform functional daily tasks.
 Depending on the clients age, it could be vocational skills, social skills, physical gross and fine motor 
skills, or just interactive play skills. In addition, it is important to look at missing foundational skills that 
are underlying delays whether they be physical, sensory or behavioral. An occupational therapist
 can complete performance testing that helps to discover the underlying problems that need 
intervention. Your child may need occupational therapy if they have any of the following:

Oral-Motor/Eating Skill Delays

Sensory Processing Issues

Behavioral/Emotional Issues

Fine-Motor /Gross-Motor Delays

Low Endurance/Tone

Visual-Motor/Visual Perceptual Delays

Social Response Delays

Handwriting Difficulties

A variety of work and play activities are used to teach skills. Occupational therapists are trained in task analysis and this enables them to look at components of tasks/toys and determine appropriate items and activities that will improve the student’s skills. In addition, parent training and involvement is imperative for best success in the treatment process.

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